Lead Pastor

Jackie Hill

Jackie was born in Memphis, Tennessee and lived there until he was 17 years old when his family moved to Collierville, TN.  After he graduated high school his family moved into rural West Tennessee.  Iowa was his home for 2.5 years before he moved to Roseville, MN where he lives now with his wife Carina and their children Noah, Leah, Makaiah and Pom-a-Poo Samson.  

As Lead Pastor Jackie oversees all the ministries at Roseville Baptist Church but most of his time is spent studying, praying, preaching, discipling and developing leaders.  

The love God put in Jackie's heart, and his love for God were huge factors in his surrender to ministry.  Ultimately Jackie felt so drawn to ministry that he couldn't see himself being happy or content unless he gave his life fully to God in service to the church.  He loves serving God's church as a pastor and is so grateful that by God's infinite sovereignty and grace, He called him and equipped Jackie to be a pastor.   It is a great blessing for Jackie to pastor the flock at RBC.  

When asked what does Jackie pray for the people of RBC he said "Lots of things.  Praying is one of the primary functions of a pastor.  The things I pray for the church most often are that we will love God fully and faithfully, that we will love others the way He loves us, and that we will live for God and others and not for ourselves."