Worship Ministry

Purpose of Worship

Worship at RBC is more than just the 5 or 6 songs we sing on Sundays, and its more than the corporate entity that is church.  It is a relationship with our Creator God. Worship is an outpouring of love and obedience in response to God's love for us. It is mandatory for a born again Christian, and an essential way of bringing God glory.  Now it doesn't have to be perfect, original, hip, trendy or even on-key. It does however need to be genuine and sometimes uncontrollable. Our hope at Roseville Baptist Church is that you will feel drawn ever closer to God as your worship with us, and feel led to be changed by Him as we walk this walk.  

Meet the Worship Pastors

Joel Koopman

Worship Pastor
Joel was born in Estherville Iowa, he moved to Forest City Iowa before high school, and then moved to the Twin Cities in 2002.  Currently, he is the Worship Pastor, coffee and bulletin maker, and soon to be Small group facilitator.

He got into ministry because God brought people into his life to ask him questions that he wouldn't ask himself.  Ministry came about through areas of church that weren't being filled, and God laid it on his heart to do them.

Joel's prayer for the people of RBC is "that we would listen to God's call for all of us, and follow wherever He leads us to serve.  I long for natural and passionate worship in every area of our lives.  Worship is a natural overflow of what God does for us, and most of us just don't treat it like that."

Joel & his wife Jenny of almost 10 years have 3 kids, Bradley, Cora & Dex.  They live in New Brighton, MN.  Opening their home to others for times of fellowship, fun and laughter is their favorite.

Listen to Joel's Sermon

Drew Stravers

Worship & Young Adult Pastor
Drew was born in Pella, IA and lived there until he was 18 years old. Then he moved to Roseville, MN to attend University of Northwestern , St Paul and has lived in various places in the Twin Cities ever since. Initially, Drew got into ministry because he loved playing music with a band, but ministry means much more to him now. He loves fellowship with other believers and growing together in the Word. Seeing how the Lord works through discipleship within our church is one of Drew's favorite things.

Drew mainly works within two ministries. First, he leads the young adult ministry. They meet every Wednesday night to worship together, study the Word, and share prayer requests. He helps plan and lead events within this ministry. Secondly, he assists Pastor Joel with leading the worship ministry, and am transitioning into role as the Worship Pastor.

Drew's prayer for the people of RBC is "that we will be discipled, and that we will make disciples in the way Jesus called us to."